Friendly and Pragmatic Vegans and Vegetarians Weekly Digest, 3rd September 2016


I just came up with the idea that I, or other FPVV admins could write up a Weekly Digest of what’s been happening at FPVV: topics we liked, popular threads, friendly admins reminders and the likes…

This week, we had a great topic asking people what they would say in one sentence to a work colleague asking why they’re veg.

Tobias Leenaert posted one of his most recent (and inspiring as always) articles, this time about anger: Angry-ism.

An ironic article from The Onion about farmers raising their animals with care only to slit their throats had a lot of likes and reactions.

We had a few new entries in some of our regular topics: recipes or dish pics and photos of our non-human companions.

We talked about figs and wasps, flax seeds, and our stance on animal experimentation.

A video of Jesse Marks from Animals Australia speaking at an Effective Altruism conference was posted here and I can’t recommend it enough.

Andrea found a lovely Youtube channel called Minimalist Ninja where Friendly and Pragmatic Vegans and Vegetarians is mentioned and receives high praises. 😀

Finally, this meme proved to be particularly popular with our members: Click!

TIPS: To share memes or articles from the group itself onto your own page or another group, you need to click on it first and share it from its source, otherwise it will not work – you’d only be sharing it with FPVV members who can already see it anyway.

NOTE: The X amount of Vegan One-Pot Recipes has already been shared many times!

That’s it for this week, sorry if I didn’t mention your post, it is just a little digest. Have a lovely week / weekend!


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